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Clients Say:


"With complete conviction and sincerity of heart, I encourage anyone in business to consult with Jeff. He has worked tireless hours to resolve complicated systems issues within our organization. He has been patient and pleasant under stressful circumstances and remained entirely committed to complete the work in a timely and efficient manner. His intelligence, highly professional approach, attention to detail and unparalleled standards of perfection make Jeff the only network administrator/technician I will work with." July 14, 2016, Steven D


"We often take for granted the safety and stability of technology within our business, until it’s too late! Don’t put your business at risk! Trust your network & technology needs to Jeff for complete confidence and peace of mind!" July 14, 2016, Steven D


"I would like to state all my wonderful and amazing experiences with Jeff Sabat from Sabat Age Consulting. Jeff is an amazing person who is always available day or night to assist you with any type of computer or technical issues you are having difficulties with. Jeff is one of the most courteous, professional, experienced, kind, considerate, reasonably priced, and above all else a true pleasure to work with." July 1, 2015, Elissa T

"Jeff has been there for me in so many difficult times and needs there are too many to count and he has always resolved them no matter the time or type of issue he may encounter, he gets the job done always and never stops until he does. Jeff maintains complete calm and professionalism in stressful situations and walks you through steps easily and patiently. It's a pleasure knowing when you contact him that you know he cares about your needs and understands that what you are dealing with and cares about resolving your issues. I have the highest respect for him as a professional and highly recommend him to anyone for his or her personal and professional needs as he always comes through." July 1, 2015, Elissa T

"Jeff is one of the best professionals in his field and I am so happy along with my staff at our company we have all had the opportunity and pleasure to have him work for our company assisting us with all of out tech needs! Look no further for help, Jeff's the best at what he does and reach out to him anytime as I said he's always there when you need someone to help and he's your guy always!" July, 1 2015, Elissa T

"When you need someone that is reliable, trustworthy, and is a true resource for yourself and your clients, Jeff is by far the best of breed. Not only can he manage all your I.T. needs efficiently, effectively and affordably, he's a pretty great guy too." April 9, 2014, Sheila G

“Quickly listened to my situation and developed economically friendly solutions that would not hinder my workload. Punctual, understanding of my time constraints. Communication was key throughout this whole process. He quickly resolved and improved my current email situation within a timely manner. Quality work without any business interruption. I would highly recommend abat Age Consulting for all my business/personal computing solutions.” September 4, 2013, Franz C

"Came to my rescue on a number of occasions. When my computer crashed he saved everything on my hard drive & set me up temporarily until I purchased my new computer. Then he set me up on my new computer. He also took the time to figure out a problem with my temporary set up. My business never missed a beat because of his work & problem solving. Very professional, pleasant to work with & I highly recommend."- February 21, 2013 - Claudia J


“Understands business and deadlines. You can count on him to be there when you need him, time and again. His extensive IT experience and knack for providing simple and elegant solutions to complex problems sets him apart from other IT consultants that I have worked with before.”  - February 19, 2013 - Eyal D


"We have have worked with Jeff for over ten years and continue to have great confidence in his abilities. He is responsive to our needs and has been immensely helpful in improving our productivity. I wholeheartedly recommend him!" - December 14, 2012 - Dan R


"Guided our small architectural firm's IT system, specifically our outdated email system to the cloud. He offered several options, each with pros and cons to us for discussion and review. Once we made the decision, he completed the tasks at hand in an expeditious and professional manner. I will continue to use Jeff's expertise for our IT needs, and recommend him to our colleagues." - August 10, 2012 - Brian B


“Helped me with realistic and practical technology solutions for my business. He is wonderful to work with and provides expertise in his field.” July 13, 2012 -Jennifer R


“A great person to work with in regards to your business needs. He truly provides and gives 100% his personal best performance to make sure he gets the job done the way the customer wants it."


"Always reliable, detailed and meticulous in his work as well as taking the time to always answer questions and assist his clients."


"Pleasant and friendly to deal with and he always makes it easy to understand the big and small stuff even the things that may seem intimidating at first!"


"Truly an asset and our company highly recommends him!”  November 11, 2011 -Manny Z


“Excellent - he never disappoints. His lightening fast troubleshooting skills, in depth knowledge of the latest technology and superlative project results make him the IT expert I depend upon."


"A pleasure to work with and always makes himself available for emergencies. I have recommended him numerous times to my clients, colleagues and friends who are always impressed with his work and grateful for the referral.


"Instills the confidence that every business requires - the knowledge that their IT needs will be monitored, maintained and serviced by one who is extremely responsible and takes great pride in his work.” October 5, 2011 -Hillary K

“A detailed-oriented consultant who does one thing: gets your issue resolved! I would recommend Jeff not only to my family and friends, but to my business associates as well."


"Not only keeps you up-to-date with the latest technology trends, but understands some of the problems that you need to be on the "lookout" for. A good man with results and patience." June 23, 2010  -Robert W


“I have known him for about eight years and I can say without reservation that his knowledge and intuition have made him the most dependable and trustworthy IT consultant I have come across in years."


"Highly professional and to the point. He will diagnose and correct any issues in the most concise ways available."


"His knowledge of the most current programs and his instincts, I believe, are what has led him to be one of the most successful and sought after IT consultants available in the the lower Hudson Valley." March 14, 2010 -Nancy G


“Incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and patient. He has never let us down with any work we have asked him to help us with. He gets it done effectively, and the outcome is always better than we had hoped for."


"He does work quickly, and is a terrific person as well. No need to go anywhere else.” February 26, 2010 -Ellen R

“He quickly diagnosed my problem & corected same vey inexpensively. He is someone that I would use as my consultant for any of my future computer needs.” February 23, 2010 -William O

“Jeff does an excellent job maintaining the computers and networks for my husband's business.” February 18, 2010 -Jingdi Z

“One of his clients is a friend, who suggested I call Jeff.   I found him to be very knowledgeable, forthright and expedient. He was able to recover all of my data, and turned it around in one day! His fee for the work was extremely reasonable.


"There is a saying, “Good, Fast, Inexpensive- Pick Any Two”. I found him to deliver all Three with a smile!” February 15, 2010 -Brent F


“A wiz at solving your computer problems.” February 15, 2010 -Lana K

“An outstanding tech. His knowledge and skills are beyond impressive. He is reliable, innovative, personable, and most of all gets the job done right the first time."


"I've known him for over fifteenyears both professionally as well as on a personal basis and highly reccommend him.” January 27, 2010 -Ed K

“Being a growing company that chooses to outsource all of its IT support and projects, it is extremely important to work with an IT professional that "gets" what you are trying to accomplish. With Jeff coming from and operational/production type environment, he understands processes and what it takes to make a company more efficient and effective. This is a trait not found in many IT professionals. Sabat Age Consulting demonstrates a true marriage between skills and implementation to get the results that clients care about.”January 5, 2010 -Ehren D

“He has been available on numerous occasions to help with general IT trouble shooting, to offer pertinent suggestions for equipment upgrading and/or replacement and to provide consultation related to software.
I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking quality assistance with a personal touch.” January 3, 2010 -Debra L

“A very knowledgeable IT Professional that gets the job done. He is dedicated to getting the expected results and providing the client with high value. His focus and attention are world class and I would highly recommend him for IT Service and Consultation.”December 31, 2009 -Carl G


“A great asset to our team. He is efficient, highly capable and is always available when we need him.” December 31, 2009 -Michael P

“I have used his services on more than one occasion and never hesitate to recommend him to others. He is incredibly knowledgeable about his work while being able to communicate what needs to be done to the lay person. He is always prompt in communicating to his customers and always delivers what is promised.” December 29, 2009 -Jason P

“He has been our IT consultant since 06, I would high recommend Jeff to all business looking for a reliable,honest sharp, personable, expert in technological information, he has been a tremendous asset to our company. Jeff has maintained our network system and has been instrumental in our e-commerce growth. he would be an asset to any organization.” December 29, 2009 -Jerry H

“I have found Jeff to be professional, extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of IT work, conscientious and thorough in everything he does. I have recommended him, strongly, to my clients and will continue to do so.” December 29, 2009 -David W

“Jeff has been our IT consultant for the past 3 years. He set up out in office network and has been there for us to trouble shoot issues ranging from website to email to network problems. We particularly appreciate the fact that he always responds quickly and promptly to our calls which in a small business is quite helpful. I highly recommend Jeff as a dependable and knowledgeable IT consultant.” December 29, 2009 -Kevin E

“Jeff is an extremely knowledgeable resource and plays an integral part in our day to day activities. His expertise allows the company to operate smoothly and efficiently with minimal interruptions."


"Extremely customer oriented, and will be there to help out in a bind at a moments notice. Jeff goes above and beyond to make sure that his customers get all the help they need in the fastest time possible."


"Someone you can count on for help whenever needed.” December 29, 2009 -Jodi P

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Dropbox for Business


icon storage
As much as you need (Starting at 5 Terabytes for 5 Users)
icon versionhistory
Version history and recovery
Unlimited file recovery
Unlimited version history
Prevent sharing outside of the team
icon security
Security settings
Two-step verification
Mobile passcodes
Reset passwords
Sharing controls for links
Sharing controls for folders
icon support
Live support
By phone or priority email
icon management
Team management tools
Member management
Track logins, devices, and locations
Remote unlinking of devices
SSO & Active Directory integration
Team activity reporting
Centralized team billing
icon pricing
Per year
$750/year for 5 users + 5 Terabytes of storage ($150/year for each addditional user)
Per month
$75/month for 5 users + 5 Terabytes of storage + $15/month for each additional user (no term commitment)



dropbox for teams pic

Get dedicated phone support and as much space as you need for your business, starting at 5000 GB.


Work from anywhere 

Your files are accessible from any device (Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and BlackBerry) and synced to your computer so you can work both online and offline!


Administrative tools
Manage licenses as your business grows, and monitor activity and storage usage per person. Get a single centralized bill for your business. Large businesses can integrate with Active Directory.


Flexible sharing

Share and collaborate instantly with your business or keep certain files private. Send large files to clients and partners with a link — even if they don't use Dropbox!


Your data is safe

Encryption at rest
We encrypt your files store on Dropbox using the AES-256 standard, the same standard used by banks to secure customer data.

Encryption in transit
Dropbox uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for data transfer, which establishes a secure tunnel protected by AES 256-bit encryption.

Data integrity and availability
The Amazon S3 service used to store Dropbox data is designed to achieve 'nine 9s' of durability, with data automatically replicated in multiple data centers.

Two-step verification (optional)
Add an extra layer of protection to your account. Whenever you sign in to Dropbox, you'll need to enter your password and a security code from your mobile phone. Dropbox for Business administrators can see which users have enabled it as well.

Security testing and auditing
Dropbox works with third-party security specialists to test and improve our security protocols and controls.

Data privacy
Dropbox takes the privacy of users and organizations very seriously and complies with the U.S. – E.U./U.S. – Swiss Safe Harbor Frameworks. For more information, see the  full Dropbox Privacy Policy.

Add your own encryption
You can apply additional encryption with third-party applications before placing files in Dropbox, giving you added control over the security of your organization's data.

You're in control
User management
Add and remove users as your business changes.

Usage visibility
View storage usage and last activity per user from the business administrator dashboard.

Dropbox Admin Panel

Safe folder sharing
Members of your business can view, add and remove contacts from shared folders.

Access control for links
Your group can see which files they have shared with a Dropbox link and remove access from the Links tab.

Events reporting
Each user has visibility into file actions and events on their Dropbox account.

Keep your devices secure
Mobile passcodes
Set a passcode on mobile devices with the option to auto-wipe after repeated login attempts.

Remote device unlinking
Stop syncing on any device remotely, from

We've got your back
Deletion recovery
With the Pack-Rat feature, you have access to all versions of the files in your Dropbox. Undo any file change with just a few clicks.

Phone support
Having trouble? Dropbox for Business comes with phone support.


icon pricing
Per year
$750/year for 5 users + 5 Terabytes of storage ($150/year for each addditional user)
Per month
$75/month for 5 users + 5 Terabytes of storage + $15/month for each additional user (no term commitment)
*Businesses start with 5000 GB of storage for five users, with 1000 GB added for each additional user.  If you need additional space, give us a call and we'll work with you to increase your quota.